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About Me

I am a board certified behavior analyst who is determined to help parents who are struggling with their children's challenging behaviors to become more confident in their parenting abilities, and for family members to become more connected. I have worked with children, teenagers and adults who are diagnosed with disabilities such as autism, pervasive developmental disorders, Down's syndrome, ADD, ADHD and genetic disorders for over 19 years. I am deeply passionate about the possibilities for change and keep studying and learning about strategies and solutions that result in meaningful and long lasting changes. If you are willing to put in the effort needed for the changes you desire in your family, you can trust that I will guide you towards fulfillment of such desired changes. 


Functional Behavior Assessments

Skills Assessments

Parent consultation

Teacher consultation

Personal coaching

Stress-reduction strategiestoolbar.

Service Location:


Hollywood and surrounding areas

San Fernando Valley

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